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Cut-resistant gloves

WW type: T


Police anti cut glove in strict accordance with the "public security single police equipment - the cut gloves manufacture and acceptance norms" manufacturing.


Cut glove use 0.08 mm stainless steel as the core wire < 00 cr17ni14mo2 (316 l) >.


Outsourcing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber coated yarn < 660 dtex >, use 2 root surface covered yarn.


Plus the low elastic polyester filament < 82.5 dtex > layer woven.


Under the condition of ensure the requirement of cutting (cutting resistance coefficient is not less than 2.5), enhance the flexibility of gloves. Increased the officers wearing comfort when using.


The product S, M, L, XL, XXL size.


Products of the wrist, palm, the back of hand, fingers etc. Within range of a cutting layer prevention.


The color of the material is consistent, stable performance, non-toxic, easy to wear, easy to take off, breathable, feels good, does not affect the joints bend.


Police officers on a mission, own ideal protective products when dealing with emergencies.


Standard: the single public security police equipment - the cut gloves manufacture and acceptance norms"


By the ministry of public security and equipment finance bureau to the ministry of public security special police equipment quality supervision and inspection center detect qualified


Test no. : police organs (committee) word no. 1350364