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The armguard telescopic batons

GWW model.

Of the high strength aluminum alloy material by precision rolling, a third lighter than the original single p extendable batons weight,

Hard anodic oxidation treatment on the surface, it has strong resistance to strike capability and super wear resistant performance. The grip knurling,

End cover, increased the grip arrow eligibility, improved the anti-skid function.

The grip can rotate increase before hand, in actual combat is special protection for the police. Press the front opening

Close button, the ball head direction drive in the direction of the tube, pipe, the pipe before retracting the grip at the same time. Cannot use the bump

Methods to recover batons blow hard objects. With rubber batons ball head material, embodies the humanization of law enforcement.

Technical parameters

Diameter of ball head: before 18 mm tube diameter, tube diameter of 12 mm: 18 mm

The grip diameter 25 mm length: 525 mm long contraction: 240 mm

Weight: 260 g