Jiangsu frontier guards catch "artifact" won the patent invention

Recently, nantong, jiangsu border check points an ordinary sergeant self-developed police arrest, get issued by the state intellectual property office utility model patent certificate.

Invention police arrest of the officers called zhao yan, signed in December 2004, staff sgt. honourable title. 11 years as a soldier, who never vague in military training, the immigration on duty, is more valuable in daily work and thinking about love, also to be able to figure out a doorway.

Traditional explosion-proof steel fork, the weight is overweight, using flexible enough to operate, are controlled not prevent defects. Zhao yan was thinking about whether can be modified, making a convenient type police catch, both to enhance JingYing capture device using efficiency, and can effectively ensure the life safety of the duty officers and soldiers. "The police capture device looks relatively simple, but in the actual production process, or met with many difficulties." Zhao yan during the vacation, made a special trip to the place to study mechanical processing production, and borrow welding machine, cutting machine and other equipment, processing and made myself. Is only processed crescent ring "activity" and "linkage block", he used for 10 days time.

After his hard making and partial improvement, to strengthen the crescent ring "activity" and "linkage slider" stability, after repeated practice, June 13, 2014, who produced a new generation of police catch "artifact" successful launch.

The police arrest, for up to 2 meters of steel bar, the head like a crab pliers "gripper", after touching the body waist, legs and other parts, clamp fork inside "gripper" at the bottom of the bearing, using the lever principle, make the outside "gripper" pliers automatic contraction of fold, unless you press the button on handle, otherwise can't get out by the button. After repeated practice, the police capture device can realize the capture and control of illegal and criminal suspects. At the time of application for patent, who gave the first generation of police capture device file to upgrade, increase the LED indicator light and camera. Mention new features, zhao yan said excitedly, especially in the night to catch the suspect and video forensics, is the second generation of capture "specialty", two clamp inside the installed which has the function of lighting LED lights and cameras, avoid the night to catch the suspect "could", more convenient for photographic evidence.