Yantai road to the public security organization to carry out joint anti-terrorism explosion-proof exercise

For fast and efficient treatment of all kinds of terrorist attacks and public emergencies, further test road to the public security organ anti-terrorist emergency level and cooperative engagement capability. Peach village recently, yantai qixia city public security bureau police station, in conjunction with the Qingdao railway public security office of mission station police station in Gao Tietao north station organization aimed at seizing, block and wade could suspect anti-terrorism explosion-proof drills.

The anti-terrorist explosion-proof drills, according to the requirements of the ministry of public security "disposal" one minute around Gao Tietao north station waiting room in a criminal suspect carrying suspected explosives and knife chop down a person the early-warning of simulation exercise. Peach north station security researchers found that after the alert, immediately report to the road to counter-terrorism ChuTu headquarters by radio, launched the emergency response plan immediately after a command reception, instruction station policeman came to the police and then instruction peach village police station deployment of forces to support. Station police district, after receiving instructions within a minute quickly assembled eight police armed police implements to the scene, the formation of early treatment of the first power. Peach village police station immediately after receiving support command deployment of 17 ChuTu police armed police implements to peach north station quickly assembled. Three minutes later, the road to meet police, according to the plan collaboration, immediately take a warning, protection, segmentation, surrounded, attacks, disposal and other tactics, finally subdued the knife crime two suspects, will be successful treatment of suspected explosives belt to safety, eliminate the danger.

In this exercise, the team do their job, a clear division of responsibilities, 25 in close coordination with the police, quick, tactical use of flexible, proper disposal of the kokang, fully shows the way to the public security emergency commandos made new breakthrough in the field of joint logistics linkage, to enhance practical ability and enhance anti-terrorist confidence expected effect.

Learned, to crack down on illegal crime involving iron, maintaining the order of Spring Festival transportation, ensure the smooth return on passenger safety, reunited with his family, peach village yantai qixia city public security bureau police station together with the Qingdao railway public security office of mission station police station joint logistics linkage office set up the road, and formulate the station (disposal plan, perfect the work of actual combat, the normalized anti-terrorism cooperation mechanism, realize the road to the seamless docking, purpose is to achieve "a minute a police reinforcements to five minutes" requirements, the security in the event of wade could case (things) can be found early, treatment good.