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Jining city in shandong province public security bureau led a line to visit fearless

On May 12, He Shiting jining city in shandong province public security bureau director led, led the logistical equipment of counties, cities and high-tech zone to visit jiangsu fearless, chairman of the board of directors of the company NiJunFeng xiao-feng ni, sales vice President, such as Qin Jie accompanied him.

B line production site for the first visit, in telescopic batons, riot helmets and bulletproof puncture-proof, riot cans, barriers, such as production field, in the product showroom, ni always give leaders introduced the company's latest product connection type batons, double function p multifunctional flash lamp of shoulder, shock capturing device, portable (rechargeable) scene lights, police equipment, members of the group to the audacity of strict production management, product quality control process and audacity to product r&d gave full affirmation.

, visiting the conference room in the company both sides conducted in-depth conversation, ni always said after years of accumulation, fearless in the industry with the brand influence, and formed his own production, research and development and the management system, the company adhering to the "quality, harmony, innovation" business philosophy, pay attention to product quality, talent introduction, product research and development, team building, both in terms of the quality of the products to the after-sales service of the company are to pursue the perfection. Our communication meeting, study said the visit, benefit a lot, not only to see the scene of the fearless real production, the audacity of development scale, more prospects of fearlessness is filled with hope, he said will continue to strengthen the cooperation of big and bold.