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Jiangsu fearless 2014 year-end summary and commendation congress is held ceremoniously

On February 16, 2015, jiangsu fearless 2014 year-end summary and commendation congress is held ceremoniously. Company management, branch representative and staff attended the conference, the conference Li Canji presided over by the vice general manager.

Assembly review sums up over the past year the company's main work and results and achievements, at the same time the company on behalf of all departments and branch, respectively, in 2014 work are summarized and report, and the work of 2015 made a gesture to speak.

Meeting for the company's 2014 annual advanced collectives and advanced individuals, and presented certificates and prizes. Chairman of the board of directors of the company NiJunFeng in summary statement said: "in the way of enterprise development, cannot leave the outstanding team of outstanding employees, as the rapid development of soft power, good staff and bear the responsibility, set an example for everybody, hope the broad masses of workers learn a lot from them. In the meeting, ni always fully affirmed the company's achievements in various aspects, in 2014 and in the years of hard work to everybody said loyal thanks! At the same time, made clear in 2015 the company's overall objectives and the work mentality, and put forward the request, 1, increase investment in technological upgrading, improve product quality, service quality, provide a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise. 2, give full play to the top, middle, and at the grass-roots level and staff's cooperation ability, reflect the team strong combat effectiveness, provide strong backing for the development of enterprises. 3, advantage, and adjust the enterprise management thinking innovation, further improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Through this conference, unified the thought, has been clear about the goal, everyone agreed: in 2015, unity is strength, unity cooperation, down-to-earth, strive for the realization of goals and tasks of 2015.